This course will be limited to 10 individuals.


Participants are expected to complete all the assignments, readings, exercises that are assigned to the group and/or to them individually.

The classroom sessions are mandatory.  There is a minimum number of “face-to-face” hours that are required for completion of the program.  I make sure that you attain those hours so that your eventual certification is not in jeopardy.

You are required to complete a final project that is something of substance in the career development field. The project should be something of use to your workplace, your students/clients, or to your personal career development goals.  This must be approved in advance and submitted within 2 months of the last class.


Policies regarding tuition are as follows:

Full payment must be made prior to registration in order to obtain the necessary materials from NCDA.  You can pay by credit card from the Registration page. Should you require an invoice or wish to pay by check, please contact me directly.  

Should the course be cancelled by the instructor, full reimbursement will be made to you.

Should you cancel more than 30 days  prior to the start of the program, you will receive an 80% reimbursement. Between then and 14 days, you will receive a 60% reimbursement. From 14 days to the start of the program, you will receive a 30 % reimbursement.  Once the program starts, no reimbursement of tuition is possible.  Please think very carefully about cancelling from the program.